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About this Mac: 15 inch, 2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 3 GB RAM, and a 200 GB Hard Drive
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As shown in the photo above, there were some problems with the laser-etching machine. I have notified the following companies and they have all been very kind about the mistake. Here is their original artwork:

Please visit these sponsors since they have been very understanding and supportive.

Sorry, Squid Labs does not do laser-etching for profit. The price paid by the advertisers was $50 per square inch, lowered from the original $150. Also, I only bought a few friends beers. I hope that answers most questions...

More Photos:



Leah Culver Etches Her Macbook Pro

Diggnation #75 - check out Kevin's laptop!


Interview with PreviewCast

Interview with Bluecup Computers - click here to listen

For more events that I plan to attend with the laptop please see upcoming.org (leahculver).

Contributers: Buzz Andersen, Ryan King, Dejan Pantic, Chao Hua Shih, Ted Grubb, Joseph Sardone, Victor Rios, rempire, Alexander Kellett, Tommy Williamson, Anthony Pitale, Phiroze Dalal, PC Pal of Connecticut, Tsunhin Wong, Bill Fong, Mark Khalife


Best Ad Design: SanFranciscoProper / MetroProper will receive this amazing Apple mouse!


Greatest Contributer: Donor SCH will receive the 250MB Zip Drive.

so awesome!

Special thanks to Cameron W. for hosting the site, Nick P. for his truly amazing laser-etching skills, Eddie C. for filming the event, and Steven and Daniel for help with the website.

email: leah dot culver at gmail dot com

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